Discover the possibilities of positivity
We believe that an optimistic attitude and the right nutrition can help you be better and shine brighter.
Inspiring smiles for over 70 years
Since the 1940s, we’ve been fueling kids and adults alike with a wide variety of nutritious options and irresistible flavors.
Introducing Nestle’s Quik
In 1948, Quik Chocolate Powder hit the shelves and gave moms a fast and easy way to get more out of milk.
Meeting America’s favorite bunny
Over the years, we added new flavors and entertained families with our famous “N-E-S-T-L-É-S” jingle and the Nesquik bunny.
Energizing every moment
Today, our family of products helps you take on any challenge with yummy flavors like vanilla, strawberry and banana.

Nourishing nutrients

Nesquik includes ingredients that are both nutritious and tasty, whether you’re a toddler, teen or grown-up.

nesquik nesquik

A good source of protein

Our chocolate milk includes protein from real milk to keep you going strong all day long.

nesquik nesquik

Real, delicious cocoa

The rich chocolate flavor you know and love comes from responsibly sourced cocoa through the Nestle Cocoa Plan.

nesquik nesquik

Essential vitamins and minerals

Nesquik powder combined with 8 fl. oz. of lowfat milk boosts your energy with protein and B vitamins.

3:1 carb to protein ratio

Studies suggest that lowfat chocolate milk may have the ideal ratio to help restore muscles after a workout.

Rethink your recovery drink

When compared to the leading 12 fl. oz. hydrating sports drink, Nesquik Chocolate Milk has more protein, more calcium and a higher percentage of electrolytes.


We care about our cocoa

Nesquik is committed to the Nestle Cocoa Plan, which aims to improve the lives of cocoa farmers, their communities and the quality of their products.